Why Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the broadest of all engineering disciplines that applies the principles of physics and material science for the purpose of product design. Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Production, Mechatronics, Thermal engineering, and Robotics are some of the streams that have evolved from mechanical engineering.

The software-enabled design tasks in mechanical engineering comprises 2D drafting, 3D modeling, analysis & detailing, and manufacturing. We provide 80 different courses in mechanical engineering that teach specific 2D, 3D Modeling, finite element analysis, finite element management analysis, detailing and computer aided manufacturing tools.


Diploma in Mechanical CAD

This program is intended for students pursuing careers in the field of Mechanical CAD. Mechanical drafters create the graphics used in the mechanical engineering field. Students may also use the training offered in the mechanical specialization to prepare for transfer to a university program. Students who choose the Mechanical Specialization career track are often employed by mechanical engineering firms.

Computer aided design or CAD program for use by people in the design and documentation disciplines. The software can be used to create 2D drawings and diagrams or can be the basis for powerful 3D visualisations. Its drawing formats (dwg and dxf) are now the industry standards for the exchange of electronic drawings, between professionals and regulatory bodies.  it is used across a large number of industries including, architecture, interior design, shop fit-outs, construction, engineering, landscape design, product design and manufacture, naval and aeronautical design, piping and cabling, just to name a few.  Anyone that needs to produce, accurate plans and sections of a design.


Professional in Mechanical CAD

This program isenables engineers to receive high quality meshes with maximum accuracy in the shortest time possible. A complete set of geometry editing tools helps to efficiently prepare CAD models for the meshing process. Meshing algorithms for shell and solid elements provide full level of control, or can be used in automatic mode.

A long list of CAD formats ensures a high level of CAD interoperability and automatically assembles individual parts with their Finite Element representation. The software is entirely customizable. An extensive API library can be used to automate repeating tasks or do complicated math operations for model generation.


Master Diploma in Mechanical CAD

This program helps to engineering simulation helps companies avoid the cost of product failure, companies are investing in creating virtual simulation platforms. Big brands are driven by great products, and great products result mainly from realistic simulation.

Traditionally, companies would design parts or subsystems in different engineering silos, and then subject their prototypes to physical tests at the later stage of product design. However, this physical testing will not give enough data for companies that produce smart products: cars, cell phones, wind turbines, etc that use thousands of components. Hence, virtual engineering simulation is increasingly preferred. Knowing how to do it is an important engineering software skill.

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